Elusive Suffolk Artist, "The Hat"

"The Hat", at the tender age of 62 has discovered he has a love and talent for art. In the space of just a few months has created and sold a number of pieces for several hundred pounds each.

This has resulted in his work being exhibited shortly in Amsterdam and a limited edition set of Cymbals, created by "The Hat" and now attracting international attention.

“The Hat” A brief History of his Life and Times

Born to an impoverished family, he was used to doing without. As the family grew, he had less and less. At the tender age of five, he was sent to Boarding School – a place unworthy of the title. All he learnt there was how to survive.

As he grew older he became more and more self-sufficient – not giving much credence to AUTHORITY. He was convinced he would be safer if he could keep himself under the radar.

He lived on the edge….

Things began to change when he met a man with a trade, carpentry, who decided he would like to give this somewhat lost young man a chance – a purpose in Life. He took him under his wing and, over time, taught him everything he knew. Some days were better than others. They were both stubborn and opinionated.

Consequently, he was able to face the wo